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Can Title Companies use Product Placement?

Is it possible for a company that doesn’t have a physical product to utilize product placement in a marketing campaign?

Anyone that has taken a Marketing 101 class is familiar with the 4P’s of marketing: Price, Promotion, Place and Product. These are the four pillars to any effective marketing campaign.

As the owner of a service based product (Title Insurance) I have often struggled with that 3rd P; Place, as we don’t have shelf space to display our widget. It is even more difficult to hold title insurance in your hand.

Anytime I see a new and creative way to leverage one of the 4P’s in a way that you wouldn’t expect, I like to acknowledge it and tip my hat at the people behind the campaign.

I was recently on a flight to Hawaii for my daughter’s Spring Break when I came across this little ingenious card. On our way from Phoenix to Hawaii we were provided an in-flight meal. As you can imagine, it was airline food. I know this sounds cliché, I’m sure Hawaiian Airlines did their best.

Hawaiian air coupon

I found this advertising piece on the food tray. This restaurant figured out a way to target an audience that is there perfect demographic. This flight was full of tourists that were going to need to eat, probably several times, over the next 7-10 days.

The advertising itself is a front and back card. On the front is a picture of a nice looking restaurant and a delicious main course. On the back of the card is a map of where to find the restaurant with a phone number, and finally a $15 gift card for your purchase at the restaurant.

The ingenious part was putting this card on each tray of airline food. There was something remarkable about advertising fine cuisine next to a tray of airline food. This is a local restaurant without a large marketing budget. For the next four hours all I could think about was this restaurant and guess we went to dinner?

When you marry this strategy to the demographic of the average traveler it’s a home run. Think about who is on a flight to Hawaii, tourists who were willing to spend money and don’t have a lot of preconceived notions as to where to go to eat.

Hats off to this restaurant for a brilliant marketing strategy using product placement for a very difficult product to place… a dining experience.

This got me thinking: how can Title Companies market their service based product, placed in a similar fashion? In any service based company, trying to create something tangible to represent your product has always been a problem.

One of the things that I have tried is the campaign below using this $100 bill. When you fold the bill in half it looks like a $100 bill on the ground, when you open it, it says the following:

100 front

100 bill back

We would give this $100 bill to Realtors’ who attend any of our classes, trade shows, or in the funding pack of the cross agent of any sale. We found a two-fold benefit to giving these coupons to Realtors. First, it gave them something tangible to remember us by and a visual incentive to use us on their next transaction.

The second benefit showed the realtors some of our creative marketing efforts and often sparked a whole different conversation as to ways we can help them grow their business.

I’d love to hear what you have done to place your product in front of your customers.

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