Rich Griffin
Rich Griffin

I am the former owner of Sonoran Title.  For 10 years my team and I continued to bring value to our clients beyond the typical office visit and donut deliveries on Friday. By finding out what they needed to grow their business, we went beyond donuts to offer real value to our clients.

In early 2014 I sold my Title Company and was hired by North American Title Insurance Company as the National Sales Manager. In my new position as an Underwriter I get  to work with Title Company Owners and Sales People to grow their business and go Beyond Donuts to provide value based solutions for their customers. Are you getting this kind of support from your Underwriter?

This blog shares not just our ideas, but the ideas of everyone in the Title Insurance community. While our intended audience are Title Company Sales People, all affiliates of the Real Estate community can use the ideas and lessons with some easy tweaks to grow their business as well.

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